As an actor, I was considered something of a chameleon playing the good guy, the antihero, the comic, the villain, the buddy, the romantic – what you might call a character leading man.  It was a position in which I reveled, as I got to play roles more varied and interesting than other, more easily categorized actors. It gave me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented directors of the past 30 years including Harold Prince, Graciela Daniele, Mike Ockrent, Mark Lamos, Jack Hofsiss, Michael Bennet, Bob Avian, Jerry Mitchell, Susan Stroman, to name a few.  And I paid attention: to their diverse styles and points of view; how they communicated their ideas; how they, quite simply, created magic from mere words on a page.  During tech rehearsals, when most actors were relaxing offstage, I was watching, taking mental notes, absorbing as much as I could about how the disparate pieces of a production came together to create a theatrical whole. That was my joy. Of course, I knew something that no one else did – that I would direct one day. I knew that this was my path.

As a director, I take great pride in bringing what I learned as an observant chameleon to my productions.  I love actors and I love to invent.  Directing is, for me, the ultimate creative outlet. I am invigorated to challenge my imaginative limits and to ignite creativity in others. Whether it’s moment to moment work with an actor in a rehearsal room (something I craved), seeing my vision come alive in the sketches of brilliant designers, or collaborating with musicians and choreographers who take my ideas and truly make them take flight.  I strive to produce works with honesty, most inventive staging, and in all different styles, following much the same path as my acting career. I insist on bringing an easy-going, collaborative energy to the process – one in which actors and creatives want to explore without feeling stifled or inhibited in any way.  Without making immodest comparisons, I am so proud to take what I have learned from the amazing directors with whom I’ve worked and create magic of my own from mere words on a page.