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Argyle Theatre

"Another opening, another show..."
“Artistic Director and Broadway star Evan Pappas brought the best and brightest in show business together to make the Argyle's debut production an outstanding one. Lovable characters, fabulous dancing, and memorable melodies that you sing all the way home make this Broadway chestnut everlasting.”

“Long Island is blessed that Mr. Pappas brought his Broadway expertise to the Argyle. He gave us a new, fresh and invigorating "Guys and Dolls," raising the bar for Long Island theater and definitely setting the Argyle stage for future smash productions to come!”
− Anthony Hazzard & Scott Stolzenberg – Broadway World Long Island


Acorn Theater

"A Letter to Harvey Milk is a Musical with a Secret"
Director Evan Pappas juggles the overlapping plot lines with grace and precision. We're always aware of where we are and what time it is. Pappas's uninhibited staging is facilitated by a relatively open set design by David L. Arsenault that also conjures San Francisco and its painted Victorian homes.
− Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

“…director Evan Pappas creates some effective stage images, such as one depicting the candlelight march following Milk's assassination.”
− James Wilson, Talkin’ Broadway

“Directed by Evan Pappas from present to past and back again, the characters gradually unveil their secrets and come to appreciate the love, humor, hope and traditions of their lives.”
− Elizabeth Ahlfors, Curtain Up

"Why 'A Letter to Harvey Milk' Is the Feel-Good Musical We Need"
In the current political climate, a musical like A Letter to Harvey Milk can remind each of us of the importance of tolerance and understanding.

Evan Pappas’ direction is thoughtful and precise with quick scene transitions for a breezy 90-minute show.

We live in a fractured, sometimes deeply desensitized world. In the era of disillusionment and dissonance, A Letter to Harvey Milk is a breath of fresh air.
− Laura I. Kramer, StageBuddy


Opera North

“Opera North mounts spectacular ‘Evita’
The regional professional opera company opened its spectacular production last week at the Lebanon Opera House — one that had its operatic moments as well as those of beautiful intimacy as well.  Directed by Evan Pappas, Opera North’s lavish production benefited [from] spectacular staging and — no surprise — fine singing.  The physical production successfully mixed Broadway and opera.  Opera North’s “Evita” proved most entertaining.”
− Jim Lowe, Times Argus

“…And Opera North’s production, which opened Friday night at Lebanon Opera House, has everything a great production needs, including magnetic performers in the lead roles, great singing, dancing, music and sets.”
− Valley News


The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

"The Color Purple lights up the stage..."

"Every now and then, a series of dramatic moving parts come together to create a theatrical event that is unique, remarkable and exceeds all expectations. I am thrilled to tell you that such a lineup of cultural and artistic circumstances did come together on Hilton Head last Friday night at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, when the cast of “The Color Purple” filled the stage of the Elizabeth Wallace Theater."

"The production is enhanced by the direction of Evan Pappas..."
− Nancy K. Wellard, The Island Packet


Opera North

“Opera North’s ‘Daughter’ Dazzles
…a dazzling and bubbly work performed with exceptional charm. From the first brassy notes from the orchestra, it was clear that the audience was in for a treat, a beautifully sung and bravely acted classic of comic opera. This production is in the sure hands of conductor Louis Burkot and director Evan Pappas.
Daughter of the Regiment is one of the most complete entertainments I’ve experienced in the Upper Valley, in the sense that it was thoroughly transporting to its time and place. The performers were so captivating that the opera was absorbing from beginning to end.”
− Alex Hanson, Valley News

‘Daughter of the Regiment’ just plain fun
Opera North’s effervescent production…brilliant…excellent, and funny. “Daughter of the Regiment” is a lot like a Broadway musical, with better music and spectacular singing…joined by a fine professional orchestra, stage director Evan Pappas plumbed the opera’s comic and romantic depths.”
– Jim Lowe, Times-Argus


Opera North

“Congrats to director Evan Pappas and the WSS company for keeping the play at 62 years old while forgoing swears (never in the ’50s) and making words like “daddy-o” sound viable... Staging is strong…. Thank you for exact and convincing choreography that seems natural instead of slick and pretentious. The cutting scenes are appropriately violent and the dance of additional body blows, pushing and tugging are on target.”
− The Vermont Standard

“…but it was the totality of this enthralling production, directed by Evan Pappas and choreographed by Cathy Young, which proved compelling. And Opera North did it up right.”
− Times-Argus

“Pulse pounding production. It is extraordinary, from the crouching, finger-snapping menace of the Jets and the Sharks, to the fight scenes, and unexpectedly to the well-executed strong and funny Officer Krupke number in the second act. The story of forbidden love is eternal and oh-so-appealing, and as the current director, Evan Pappas, says in the program notes, ‘… the issue of immigration and who is a true American has never been more prevalent.’”
− Upper Valley NEWS


Depot Theater

“Director Evan Pappas has done a sterling job and his staging is terrific throughout. I especially liked “A Friend Like You” and both Finales. Yes, there are two. “Murder for Two” is performed at a break-neck pace and it works. All the piano choreography is great. Being a pianist myself, I’m very aware of how difficult this kind of thing is. “Tour de force” is an over-used term, but in this case it’s appropriate – or perhaps it should be “Tour de Farce.” Director Pappas has taken every advantage of his multi-talented actors and together with the designers has come up with a unique production that’s great fun from the opening gunshot to the Finale Ultimo. Again, get there if you possibly can. Don’t miss it.” 
− Connie Meng, North Country NPR



Depot Theater

“Director Evan Pappas has done a terrific job of staging a show that could easily have become static.  Especially clever are “It Was a Very Good Year,” “My Way,” “I’ll Be Seeing You,” “That’s Life” and the tour of the cities.  Perhaps my favorite was “I Only Have Eyes for You,” in an unusual arrangement, with great lighting and inventive staging.”
− Connie Meng, North Country NPR

“Director Evan Pappas successfully guides these seasoned actors through performing the songs, not just delivering them. It is a subtle distinction but adds depth to the performance. The songs are banded together to highlight Sinatra's origins, what he liked, loved and places he lived, all performed with a tip of the hat to an icon.” 


The Lion Theater, NYC

“Evan Pappas’ revival for Musicals Tonight! has given it a fresh, animated slant. Using a youthful cast of bright new faces, this “Wonderful Town” is inventive, sassy and sophisticated.”
“Pappas’ production is a delightful throwback to a more innocent time in the Big Apple’s history…”
“Director Evan Pappas has given the Musicals Tonight! revival a bright, breezy, high-spirited production that is certain to put a smile on your face…for a change you can go out humming the songs.”

“This lively production features the talents of Director Evan Pappas, whose keen eye for character turns and aesthetic arrangements even when his cast just poses, serve to entertain and enhance…”
− Woman Around Town


Theater 80 and 42 West

“There’s some talk about the melting pot and the way that expert director Evan Pappas has cast his leading lady, inadvertently makes a comment on America’s ability to mix-and-match. For Miss Liberty is played by Miss Abigail Shapiro who has the quintessential WASP first name matched with a most famous Jewish surname.”
− Peter Filichia, Broadway Select

“No doubt the Statue of Liberty enjoys pride of place in New York harbor today. But there was a steep price to be paid before the statuesque Lady found her home on the star-shaped fort at Ellis Island. Goldstein adumbrates the key events of its journey with symbolism rather than retelling its history in a strict sense. And, as helmed by Pappas, it works.”
– Deirdre Donovan, Curtain Up

“…Evan Pappas directed, and this ensemble of eight feels like a cast of a couple dozen, thanks to the effort.”
– Jeff Myhre, NY Theatre Guide


Broadway By The Bay, San Francisco

“Reeelly great!” as Ed Sullivan used to say…How could it not be, having Berle Davis doing the choreography and director Evan Pappas breathing life into this stage version, a reminder of the era of great movie musicals?”
− Oakland Tribune

“Smoothly directed by Evan Pappas…”
– Aisle say


Arizona Broadway Theater, Phoenix

“Director Evan Pappas starred as Harry in the first regional production of the show in 1989, played that part on the 1994 studio cast recording of the score and also starred as the male lead in Flaherty and Ahren’s musical My Favorite Year, so he is well acquainted with the material as well as has worked directly with the composers in the past. He does a nice job in ensuring that his cast doesn’t oversell the comic moments, guaranteeing the charm underneath the main characters isn’t lost. And he also stages two superb moments in the second act – the farcical gem ‘Him, Them, It, Her’ which is full of well-choreographed, non-stop slamming doors and ‘Welcome Back, Mr. Witherspoon,’ a hilarious nightmare sequence that features the entire cast.
Pappas also manages to get clear comical performances from his cast, including fine work from Seth Tucker and Trisha Hart Ditsworth, as Harry and Annabel, who both embody their parts with a combination of quirkiness and innocence under their assured exterior.”
– TalkinBroadway

“In a show with high production values that are actually better than the book, director Evan Pappas keeps his cast sharp…The whole thing looks and sounds great.  As a show, Lucky Stiff may not compare as well or as grand as previous productions, but when the score surprises as much as this one does and it’s sung so well as it is here, it remains a perfectly satisfying way to end the season.”
– Valley Screen and Stage

“…and the production that just opened at Arizona Broadway…is a lively one filled with plenty of laughs and some top-notch warbling....The actors, under the direction of Evan Pappas, are fully committed to the silliness, and the results are consistently funny.”
– Arizona Republic

"Something very funny is going on at Arizona Broadway Theatre. Lucky Stiff, the rib-tickling musical farce by the team of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty is ringing out the company's hit-loaded 10th Anniversary Season with broad peals of laughter and a cast that you'll walk away loving....Evan Pappas has faithfully directed and choreographed this gem of manic Monte Carlo moments, splendidly accentuated by Kara Thomson's evocative set pieces…complementing Pappas's keen sense of staging.”
– Broadway World